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Boku No Sexual Harassment: ep. 1

Boku No Sexual Harassment consist of three OVAs based on the "Jack and Julia" that Junya Mochknizuki (the main character) performs in order to help his mentor/idol Mr. Honma, as well as himself, climb up the management ladder of the computer company they work for. Because of Mochizuki's soft, handsome looks, he easily attracts the attention of both men and women in his company. The first person to be attracted to Mochizuki is his Manager, Mr. Honma, whom Mochizuki has an affair with throughout the three OVAs. Honma's intentions toward Mochizuki are at times sincere, but also devious. On one hand, Honma does have deep feelings for Mochizuki which is evident in his jealously toward Fujita, a young male employee who openly pursues Mochizuki and whom Honma tries to keep away from Mochizuki. While on the other hand, in order for Honma to secure huge accounts for his company he pimps Mochizuki to top executives by having him perform "special services," or in other words, sex. Mochizuki willingly has sex with potential clients knowing that as an elite business his "special services" help not only him and Honma move up the management ladder but benefit the company as well. Mixed in throughout the film are dream sequences of a young Mochizuki and his encounter with an older unidentified male. Although the clips are warm and touching at times, their relevance to the whole story can be confusing and disturbing especially when the young Mochizuki swims naked to the boat where the older male is waiting. However, one must remember that the short clips are meant to be metaphors of Mochizuki's character development from innocent little man to enlightened adult.

Duration: 36 min

Censorship: No

Added: 14-01-2009

Release Year: 2009

Lang: -

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